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"We hired B&C because they bring a creative approach. They are strategic thinkers who always see the optimal solution and they give better individual attention."

The firm was created in 1981 to provide specialized, independent real estate investment advice conducted directly by experienced executives. We are one of only a few real estate consulting firms with a truly national practice, coast to coast, from major markets to small towns.

Our founder, Maynard Bartram, led the real estate investment trust at Connecticut General Insurance Company at the time of the merger with INA forming CIGNA. Although offered an executive position at the new entity, Mr. Bartram took the opportunity to express his entrepreneurial disposition and established Bartram & Company. The Yale University Endowment quickly became a major client of the new firm, and Mr. Bartram helped the fund achieve its goal of increasing real estate investments to 10% of the total fund.

Maura Cochran, CRE, SIOR joined Bartram & Company in 1987, bringing her background in architecture, development, and real estate brokerage. Together, Mr. Bartram and Ms. Cochran created a strong team that merged financial analysis with market and feasibility analysis. In 1989, the company changed its name to Bartram & Cochran (B&C). Mr. Bartram retired in 1992.

B&C’s work with institutions and corporate clients continued to grow, as did the firm. William Cochran, formerly CFO and head of economic development, joined the company to assist municipalities in development and finance issues.

In 2009, B&C brought together a number of national highly respected industry professionals to create a strategic alliance. The goal is to enhance each individual’s capabilities and to better serve clients.  The firm is pleased to have a collaborative working affiliation with: Gerald Levy, CRE,  Tony Souza, CRE, Linda Spevacek, Richard Stoltz.

In 2013, Bartram & Cochran entered into a strategic alliance with the international consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal.

The firm continues its focus of “charting a strategic course” for its clients: institutions, corporations, municipal, non-profits and individuals by creating solutions to complex real estate issues.