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"I know they have other clients, but I feel like I'm their only one. They are very responsive and always follow through."

Institutional Investors

Representative Clients
Banc of America Securities
Landmark Partners
Sanwa Bank
UBS Realty Investors

Case Studies

Hartford, CT
Designed, prepared, and coached management on a successful presentation to well-known rating agencies for special servicing rating; successfully achieved high rating. (Work performed by Linda Spevacek in previous consulting capacity.)

Banc of America Securities
National Portfolio

Provided an analysis and recommendation for the disposition of 43 family restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic States.

UBS Realty Investors/Aetna Insurance
National Portfolio

Served as a fiduciary for several of Aetna’s separate accounts managed by UBS Realty Investors. Assignments included the due diligence on major malls and office buildings throughout the United States.